We love working with entrepreneurs with big ideas that will change industries or spark new ones, and will impact the way society lives. We are looking for innovative companies where we can help entrepreneurs by utilizing our deep expertise and vast resources.

JMTD Holdings offers an unparalleled value proposition to its portfolio companies, allowing them to “plug into” out ecosystem and accelerate their businesses through our access to pop culture, including, retail, marketing, licensing, , digital media, games, philanthropy, and more.


JMTD Holdings provides value beyond capital to company founders. These companies are largely in the consumer Internet sector with an emphasis on mobile platforms, social media, and eCommerce. 


We look for investment opportunities with strong entrepreneurs, great and defensible technologies, and early signs of traction that indicate that there is huge scale to the business.


300 Marconi Blvd.

Columbus Ohio, 43215 


T: (424) 253-5974

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